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I've been a professional actor for over 17 years, trained at ALRA in London and the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris.

I excel at Shakespeare, physical theatre and children's theatre and I've recently started doing more radio and TV work as well.

I play several instruments (Classical guitar, Trumpet, Banjo, Ukulele, Bass guitar), and I'm adept at close harmony singing, being part of a female barbershop choir as well.

I started my career firmly in the closet about being transgender and I was afraid that coming out would spell the end of my career. The reality has been far from it. It's shifted massively but in many bold and wonderful ways. In 2016 when I'd been offered the role of Prospero in a summer production of Red Rose Chain's Tempest and I fearfully came out as trans and to my surprise and delight was warmly accepted. A week later they offered me the role of Queen Elizabeth in their upcoming production of Richard III as well. I always remember that moment a great fondness.

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I love hearing about new projects so if your interested in working together pop an email to and lets arrange a time to chat, or alternatively contact my agent, John Mahoney Management at
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