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Too Pretty To Punch B low res RGB by Elmar Rubio.jpg

I began writing poetry while at Drama School in 2004, inspired by Stephen Fry's book, The Ode Less Travelled. It wasn't until 2015 that I discovered the thriving UK poetry and slam scene and got involved. As someone with her roots in performance my poetry is often explosive and comedic, full of energy and verve. And as someone trans, autistic, and with ADHD, living outside of the conventional boxes society gives us, I like to take tricky topics and unwrap them in playful and delightful ways.

I've won several poetry slams and I do headline sets at events all over the UK and online. I also love running poetry workshops.

If you'd like me to perform poetry at your event, or if you're interested in a workshop or commissioning a poem send an email to


I have two poetry books: Too Pretty To Punch, about celebrating trans and non binary identities, and Super Hamlet 64 Poetry Manual, designed to look like a 90s videogame manual and based on the show of the same name.


Both are available along with online videos of my shows at my shop:


I've recently started a new practise of meditating outdoors twice a day followed by drawing, animating or writing. I post the results every week day to Instagram and Tik Tok


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