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1623 Theatre have commissioned me to make a modern trans focused show loosely based on Shakespeare's Pericles (Queericles). It will feature fun projections, powerful spoken word poetry and barbershop quartet, telling the story of a woman who dared the world to throw everything it had at her, and then some.  


I had an R&D in May 2023 and I'm currently writing the full script with a view to develop it into a full show in 2024.

It currently features an animated barbershop quartet and a lot of hand drawn animations. I'm hoping to get funding to make the quartet be real people in the full production, performing live.

I'm currently thinking I'll make a separate show with the animation style called "We won't take this lying down," a comedy spoken word show where I'm lying on the ground the whole time, a camera above, projected on the wall, interacting with animations and singing songs. The show will be about apathy, climate change and our feelings of powerlessness around it.

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