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In The Surface Of A Bubble

Inspired by Animé and martial art films, and using Capoeira, masks, puppetry, Kung-fu and live music, In The Surface Of A Bubble transports the audience to an alternate universe where people need only imagine something for it to come true. The girl with the most imagination falls in love with the boy with the least and together they transform their world into ours, where thoughts are locked inside our heads.

At its heart it's about a girl with a transgender father and an absent mother, struggling to find her place in the world. It explores philosophies of Buddhism and Hinduism as well as the naivety of youth: wanting more than anything to grow up and be free and how that clashes with common perceptions of adulthood.

It was developed through workshops with a large pool of actors before touring to several venues in 2014.


"Clever, intriguing but funny and dark in equal measure, this piece provides a detached appraisal of the conflicting rules we live by."
★★★★ -
West End Wilma 

"Day’s language is a flower-bomb of rich, thought-provoking imagery, it is kaleidoscopic and constantly evolving, and it truly pushes the boundaries of the imagination." 
★★★★ -
A Younger Theatre

"A magical show overflowing with creativity that can’t help but infect."

Broadway Baby

"Day's script crackles with joy."
The List

Line Moller-Christensen
Edalia Day
Adam Cridland
Amelie Leroy

Past Performances:


Purton - Bradon Forest Theatre

London - Blue Elephant Theatre

Derby - Derby Theatre

Edinburgh Fringe Festival - Zoo Venues

Supported by the Arts Council, Bradon Forest School, Blue Elephant Theatre and Leadership Martial Arts.

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