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Projectio Design
I'm a highly skilled animator, illustrator and projection designer.

I've trained at School Of Motion (Animation Bootcamp) and Motion Design School (Character Rigging & Hand Drawn FX) and I specialise in frame by frame and vector animation. I'm also currently learning blender, especially interested in using it to combine with 2D animation as well as exploring particle systems.

With projection design I have a lot of experience with small - mid scale theatre work and I'm also very passionate about creative captioning. As someone with a performance background, trained at Lecoq and Alra, I'm as at home in a devised rehearsal space as I am in more traditional theatre processes and have a unique insight into the ways physical performance and visual media can work together.

Software: After Effects, TV Paint and Procreate for animation/video, and Isadora & Qlab for projection.

I'm always happy to discuss potential projects. Email me at


Projection Design

Animation & Motion Design


I've recently started a new practise of meditating outdoors twice a day followed by drawing, animating or writing.

I post the results every week day to Instagram and Tik Tok


Animation & Motin Design
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