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Spectacular Spacebots

Roald Dahl meets Transformers in this new family show for under 10s about an autistic robot who goes on space adventures.

Join Hashtag and his pet, Frank (a multi-dimensional Wompwaffle), as they travel the universe battling space wizards, dancing with super computers, and meeting all sorts of wonderful aliens, in a quest that asks "what does it mean to be human? And how far do you need to go to be accepted as one?"

Written by a team of autistic, neurodiverse, and disabled artists, and featuring Edalia Day's signature blend of physical comedy and interactive animation, Spectacular Spacebots is a heart warming story about finding the courage to celebrate who you are. 

Unfortunately development of Spectacular Spacebots ceased during lockdown in 2020 and hasn't yet resumed.

The story so far

We've been developing the show throughout 2019, supported by Theatre Deli and the Shoebox Theatre in Swindon.
This culminated in a work in progress performance in September 2019 at the Shoebox.

Edalia has also been running free art and poetry workshops exploring themes from the show, and comissioned 14 writers, animators and artists to make small pieces of concept art to aid the development as well.



They've also been running a series of digital puppetry workshops for teenagers and under 10s, controlling animated characters with graphics tablets and videogame controllers and making theatre with them.

We'll be developing the show further with Arts Depot in North London, and the Garage in Norwich, before embarking on a UK tour from Autumn 2020.

Writer & Animator: Edalia Day

Performers/Dramaturgs: Stephen Collins, Bronya Deutsch, 

Stage manager: David Calder

Set and Costume: Calder Designs

Other contributors: Jackie Hagan, Rhys Ashton Tucker, Donna Williams (Deaf Firefly), Serin Thomasin, Justine de Mierre, Dominic Lyne, Fay Roberts, David McShane, Jake Maud, Ryan Le Boutlebee, Hannah Cormick, Leo George, Sophie Sparham, Marian Obando.
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