Edalia Day  (ed-day-lia)

I'm is a spoken word artist, video designer and theatre maker based in Norwich. Trained at Lecoq and Alra, my theatre is visually stunning, with physical comedy, interactive video projection and a child like sense of play at the heart of everything I make.


I'm transgender and until relatively recently it was something I struggled with a lot. In late 2014 having crossed paths with genderqueer theatrical troupe Milk Presents (Joan, Bullish) I began exploring my gender identity through writing and performing comedy songs at cabaret events such as at Bar Wotever in Vauxhall and the Ukulele Cabaret in King's Cross. Since then I've come a long way towards accepting myself and I care passionately about supporting other marginalised voices and celebrating the wonderful art being created by trans artists worldwide. 

I've been an actor for over 12 years, performing a wealth of Shakespeare, Physical theatre and Children's Theatre, and in 2014 I began writing and producing my own shows, starting with In The Surface Of A Bubble, a four hander, mixing masks, martial arts, puppetry and live music to tell the story of a girl struggling to come to terms with a transgender parent, set in a fantasy world where anything you imagine comes true.

My current shows include Super Hamlet 64, about videogames and Shakespeare, Too Pretty To Punch, about transphobia in the media, and Spectacular Spacebots, a new family show I'm developing about an autistic robot who goes on space adventures.

Since lockdown my focus has shifted to motion design and digital projects combining animation and poetry.

A comedy spoken word show about gender, the media and not fitting any of the boxes.
A new play for under 10s about an autistic robot who goes on space adventures.
A reworking of Shakespeare's famous tragedy, mixing videogame nostalgia with spoken word.  

Video Design

What is projection mapping?

In its simplest form I take one projector and one video clip. I cut up the video into shapes and then place them in 3D space, either on a theatre set or onto the geometry of the room itself. I then interact with it.


I specialise in projection mapping for small scale theatre. I pride myself on being able to make complex animation in a way that's quick and easy to set up and adaptable to different theatre spaces.


As an animator I've created content for theatre companies, adverts and short films. My skills include motion graphics, dynamic text, stop motion, hand drawn animation, character rigging, rotoscoping, mixing 2D animation with live action video and pixel art. I use Photoshop, Procreate and After Effects.




I've been writing poetry for as long as I can remember. When I was at drama school I read the book The Ode Less Travelled, by Stephen Fry and was inspired to write a poem every day for the next year. I kept writing whenever I was inspired but mostly kept them to myself. I had no idea that the spoken word scene existed until 2015, when I stumbled upon the Swindon poetry festival.

Since then I've gone from strength to strength, winning poetry slams and performing regularly all over the UK as well as releasing two poetry books. For me it's the most honest art form. Sometimes you can learn more about someone from one line of their poetry than you can from decades of non-poem interaction. It's found it's way into all of my work and has become the backbone of my playwrighting. 


I've been a professional actor for over 12 years.  Highlights have included playing Malvolio, Bottom, Queen Elizabeth and King Lear with Red Rose Chain, Pinocchio with Hiccup Theatre and most recently appearing in the BBC's Casualty as Jules, a trans woman struggling with her transphobic partner for the custody of her children.

I'm a multi-instrumentalist (Banjo, Ukulele, Guitar, Flute, Saxophone, Piccolo, Mandolin, Berimbau) and I'm especially skilled at Puppetry, Shakespeare, Children's Theatre and Physical Theatre.

CV: http://www.spotlight.com/973812774238

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