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Too Pretty To Punch (Photo by Elmar Rubio)


I'm transgender actor, spoken word artist, animator and theatre maker. Trained at Lecoq and Alra, my performance work is full of energy and theatrical flair and my theatre combines comedy, live music and interactive projection mapping. Collaborators have included Milk Presents, 1623, The Young Vic, Harrogate Theatre and Theatre Royal Norwich, and my work has featured at Sundance Film Festival in the US and Zebra Poetry Film Festival in Berlin.

In 2020 I upgraded my Animation skills, taking courses with School of Motion (Animation Bootcamp) and Motion Design School (2D Character Rigging and Hand Drawn FX) and now I also do motion design work for businesses and advertising.

Current Projects

As a freelancer I'm currently working on projection design for an adaptation of Flowers of Srebrenica as well as Can't Sit Still's new christmas show at the Arc, Well Done Mummy Penguin.


I also have 3 more personal projects on the go:


Queericles, a trans adaptation of Shakespeare's Pericles, commissioned and produced by 1623 theatre and featuring spoken word poetry, hand drawn animation, and a queer barbershop quartet. Click here for more info.

Misgendered, my 2nd animated comedy short, this time about a transphobe who attempts to misgender a group of trans friends but accidentally gets their genders right by mistake, with hilarious consequences. I'm sharing updates about development on my Patreon.


Upside Down, memoirs of a trans girl surviving the apocalypse. This is a young adult novel told through diary entries and illustrations about the day in 2050 when gravity reversed and everyone fell into the sky, except anyone lucky enough to be inside at the time, as well as Abigail who got tangled up in her hose while watering the garden. The style i'm going for is a cross between hitchhikers guide to the galaxy and Gulliver's travels, wild and fun yet pepped with satire, mocking the absurd behaviour of our current world through the lens of a world turning literally upside down. I'll be sharing the book as it develops in it's rough form on my Patreon.

In late 2023 I also began the practise of starting and ending my day in nature, meditating and then writing, drawing or animating. I post these regularly on Instagram and Tik Tok.

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