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Cancel Me Please

I've started making a series of comedy animated shorts about trans issues and the people who delight in tormenting us. Usually the animation I do is more based around feelings, movement and nature so moving into character animation is a new area of development for me. I'm on a course by the amazing Aaron Blaise, as well as another in character rigging from motion design school and I'm excited to put these skills to the test through the animations I make. 

Cancel Me Please is the first of several I'm aiming to make. This one was a kind of proof of concept, to see how everything fits together before moving on to more adventurous pieces.  

A lot of transphobic people have a lot of media power and when they face pushback from the trans community they yell about how cancelled in article after article published in the mainstream press (something trans people could only dream of), then they release books about their cancellation and the tragedy of their struggle, all the while trans people remain largely voiceless except for our collective action. 

A lot of transphobes will pretend as well that they have a lot of trans friends, they're just concerned about this or that. I wanted to poke fun at this as well, taking it at face value as if these two characters really do believe the things they say that parrot the lies of manipulative transphobes. 


Acted by Edalia Day & Bronya Deutsch

Animation and Script by Edalia Day

To help me make more of these consider supporting me on Patreon where I'm posting monthly updates on the progress of these and my new book.

Click here to learn more.

Or click here for info on Misgendered, the next animation in the series.

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