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I've been commissioned by Harrogate Theatre and Home in Manchester to make an animated poetry slam as part of their Homemakers series of projects.

Fee: £50 + a % of profits.

Deadline: Sunday 17th May, 12pm

To apply: Send a brief covering letter about your work plus a link to a video of you performing your poem (max length 3 minutes). If you don't have footage already I'll accept a video recording of you performing it. Send applications to me, Edalia Day at transdrogynous@gmail.com

What I'm looking for:

Powerful and/or Comic spoken word about something you're passionate about that makes the audience feel something. It could be political. It can be emotional. This isn't a competition for animated poems, but rather a collection of poems that I'll animate, with me acting as host between poems, simulating the feel of being at a live poetry event. I'm currently calling it a slam but it's more likely to be a non competitive curated event full of the kind of poems you tend to get at slams. My process:

I'll select 3 poems, animate them, then record and animate myself hosting. Then shape the rest of the piece around that. My current aim is to have

6 poets and for the hosting segments to lightly satirise poetry slams but those parts are still developing and are of secondary importance to the actual animations of the poems themselves. So they'll be the first thing I make and then everything else will be shaped around them.

Verve Poetry Festival 2019

What will it be like? The animation will be expressive but rough around the edges like these animations that I've made from poetry gigs I've been to:


This is a new concept that I'm excited to explore and see where it takes me. If it works out well I'll look into making more of them and working with different animators and poets, so if you're unsuccessful this time but I like your work I'll keep you in mind for future ones.

I already have some poems/poets in mind so I'll be asking some people directly for 3 of the slots and using this callout to find the other 3. I have about 20 people that I know I'd like to include, and I'm also keen to see new poets too, so unfortunately I've no chance of including everyone. Full details of the profit share percentages haven't been ironed out yet. It's not likely to be a lot of money, so treat the £50 as the main fee. I just wanted to get the ball rolling making people aware of the opportunity as I'm working on several different projects at once and will be dipping in and out of each over the next few weeks.

I'm aiming to have it complete within a few weeks and it will eventually be available here, alongside all of the other brilliant Homemaker projects:


There's already some really amazing work up there from incredible artists such as Chris Thorpe, Yusra Warsama, Theatre Ad Infinitum, Bryony Kimmings and Plastercast Theatre.

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